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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond innovation and technology. For us, it’s also about building and nurturing relationships and long-lasting partnerships. In over 50 years, we’ve proudly worked with an extensive portfolio of municipalities, contractors, engineers and government officials.


We offer expert advice and opinions to collaborate on decision-making, developing new products and delivering results without disruption to society.

Engineering Officers

Providing education around our product portfolio, quality assurance and technology reputation, we work closely with engineers to ensure they are equipped to advise their clients on the best solutions.

Government Officials

As global industry leaders, we are trusted with providing the necessary exposure to and education on revolutionary CIPP techniques for government officials, allowing them to make informed decisions for the betterment of communities.


Who better to purchase from than the inventors of CIPP technology? We work closely with contractors to ensure they are able to successfully complete their projects and take learning opportunities from these relationships to continue to develop our portfolio. 


We select trusted, reputable distributors to sell our products. Our standards are high in everything we do, and this is reflected in not only our products themselves, but also in our distribution chain.

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