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We understand that the success of pipeline rehabilitation projects relies not only on cutting-edge technology but also on the quality of the equipment and supplies used. That's why we proudly offer a comprehensive range of high-quality sundry equipment that complements the excellence of our CIPP solutions.

Our Supplies & Equipment

Get essential equipment endorsed by experts. To install Insituform’s standards across all aspects of the project, we’d recommend browsing our selection of glide foils, jeans, resin, and calibration hoses.

If it is larger installation equipment that you need, we have a variety of trusted providers and partners throughout Europe and the rest of the world. These suppliers have been carefully vetted to ensure they meet the stringent standards that we demand for our customers. When you choose one of our recommended suppliers, you can have confidence in the quality and reliability of the equipment you’re acquiring for your projects.

Our team of experts are available to offer information and advice when it comes to supplies and equipment for projects – get in touch with us today!

Innovations in CIPP: Emerging Technologies for Pipe Rehabilitation


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    Supplies & equipment

    Need those final touches for your project? Check out our range of trusted suppliers and equipment for the highest quality end result.

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