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With over 5 decades of experience and expertise, Insituform is a source you can trust. Browse the below articles to read all about Insituform and industry updates, as well as news about our specialist trenchless products.

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Learn about pipe rehabilitation, trenchless technologies, the sustainability of CIPP solutions and more.

If you’ve heard the term ‘trenchless technologies’, then the chances are that you are at least marginally involved in the pipe network or drainage systems industry. You could be an

When a water pipe becomes damaged and starts leaking, the potential for costly and highly disruptive damage and subsequent repair work can quickly become overwhelming. Local councils, engineers, and communities

With pipe rehabilitation the cheapest and most efficient way of keeping commercial water pipes and underground sewage systems working, it’s no wonder that engineers around the world are turning to

CIPP liner systems sound much more complicated than they are. We believe that the innovative solution first introduced to the market in 1971, is straightforward. In this article, we break

More than 50 years after their original release from founding company Insituform, CIPP liners are still considered innovative. This is because CIPP liners continue to grant local councils, engineering firms,

Burst pipes can bring surrounding roads, railways, and even walkways to a complete standstill. These pipes are often buried deep underground. Due to this reality identifying the damage and repairing

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