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Repairing Lateral Gravity of Pipelines with CIPP Technology

When we talk about lateral gravity in a drainage system or pipe network, we are referring to the way that a mainline pipe gives way to smaller pipes, feeding or drawing water and waste away from individual properties or buildings.

These smaller pipes, and more specifically the way that they connect with larger mains pipes and drains, need to be durable and able to withstand the pressure of different diameters and flow rates.

As a result of the change in pressure, not to mention the sharp bends that you often find in these pipes, they can be subject to damage, cracks, and leaks, which is where pipe repair comes in.


Explaining lateral gravity in a pipe network

A lateral pipe is a small feeder pipe which connects a property, building, or individual system to a larger mains line system.

It is susceptible to damage for a number of reasons, mainly because of the change in pressure as you move from a small to a large pipe, and the often sharp bend in the pipe where the lateral internal pipe connects to the mainline pipe.

This connection needs to be both watertight and durable and needs to be able to withstand potential penetration from external sources as well as the high pressure of water and waste flow inside the pipes.


How does CIPP technology facilitate lateral pipe repair?

Here at Insituform, we not only engineered the first ever CIPP liner and repair system, but we have developed a range of different products which suit different situations and requirements.

The iFlex lateral has been uniquely designed to bring CIPP technology to a lateral internal pipe network, with incredibly flexible and elastic pipe liners which can be fed into smaller pipes and used to secure their connection to the larger mains pipes. While all Insituform CIPP liners are versatile and designed with different thicknesses and structures for different pipes, the iFlex lateral boasts extra flexibility to safely navigate tight corners and sharp bends.

Once fed into the pipe, filing the joint between the small feeder pipe and the wider network, this iFlex lateral liner works in the same way as our innovative CIPP system.


How does CIPP repair work?

This is where the process becomes a little more familiar for those already in touch with the pipe repair industry.

CIPP liners are designed to rehabilitate pipes without excavating, digging up, or even breaking ground around the damaged pipe. Liners are fed into the pipe from the surface, with the unique CIPP product containing an integrated resin which is activated with hot water or an intense jet of steam. Once in place, this resin is activated, fixing itself to the inside of the pipe and quickly hardening to form a new layer inside the pipe.

While there is no tried and tested maximum lifespan of a pipe which has been rehabilitated and repaired using this method, what we can tell you is that the first pipe to have ever been repaired using a professionally installed Insituform CIPP liner is still fully active today, more than 50 years later. 


Improve the durability of your pipes with Insituform

If you’re experiencing issues with waste drainage or a drop in pressure as water moves from the mains network to a feeder pipe direct to your property or fitting, then it might be that something is damaged along the way. The most likely source of that damage is the connecting joint between the mains pipe and the lateral feeder pipe.

To repair this, you can either access and use Insituform’s CIPP technology yourself (with the support of training) or call on an Insituform-trained engineer to install the pipe liner for you.

Either way, provided it is installed correctly you will find that iFlex Lateral offers significant long-term benefits with the resulting pipeline being able to withstand temperatures of up to 65°C depending on the chosen resin type.

For more information and advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Insituform team directly

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