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InsituMain® Pressure Lining: Ensuring Structural Integrity and Efficiency

InsituMain is the term used to describe the leading CIPP pressure liner system from Insituform. It delivers an effective, long-lasting, and non-invasive method of pipe repair and rehabilitation to drainage and pipe networks all over the world.

Under the Insituform brand, InsituMain is a comprehensive system that combines installing a CIPP felt / Glass composite liner with an active thermosetting resin. The resin fixes itself to the interior wall of the damaged pipe and restores its strength.

As an alternative to traditional pipe repair, the CIPP system is not just convenient but incredibly cost-effective; it is well-suited for delivering timely repairs that benefit the needs of local communities.

How does the InsituMain CIPP pressure lining solution ensure structural integrity?

Is a CIPP felt liner the most efficient solution on the market?


How does the InsituMain Pressure Lining System work?

InsituMain is suitable for the rehabilitation of various host pipes, including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, asbestos cement-reinforced concrete pipe, and thermoplastic.

Designed with efficient and effective pipe repair and rehabilitation in mind, the idea of this system is to alleviate the need to break ground and dig up damaged pipes. Instead, it feeds the CIPP felt liner into the pipe before activating the integrated resin inside this felt with hot water or steam.

As it activates, the resin inside the felt attaches to the inside wall of the pipe creating a new layer. This layer is strong and durable enough to withstand incredible pressure inside and outside the pipe.

Once the pipe has cooled down again, it can be reconnected to any system and reinstated to full working order in a shorter time compared to traditional pipe repair methods. Traditional methods take up an excessive amount of time, and the work involved in excavating and digging out damaged pipes for repair or replacement is inconvenient for local communities. The benefits of InsituMain from an efficiency standpoint are a no-brainer.


How do InsituMain CIPP liners restore structural integrity?

The lifespan of a repaired pipe using this CIPP lining is up to 50 years. To do that, we need to take you back to the first pipe that was repaired using Insituform’s CIPP felt liners back in 1971.

The first pipe repaired with Insituform’s system is still running today. The CIPP system has added more years to the lifespan of underground pipes. 

The epoxy resin used in CIPP liners is designed to not just patch over the damage in a length of pipe but completely replace the inside lining of the pipe to create a durable new layer. Rather than plastering over the crack or damaged portion of the pipe, the CIPP liner creates a new layer within the entire section to alleviate the risk of recurring damage or forming a new weak spot.

InsituMain CIPP liners restore structural integrity by developing and fixing a new layer to the inside of the pipe. The pipe can withstand the water pressure from inside the pipe, the weight of external ground and other pressures on the outside of the pipe.


How to maximise the results of InsituMain CIPP systems

It’s not just about what you use to repair a damaged pipe but also how experienced the repair team of engineers are at handling the equipment.

At Insituform, we know that our system is innovative and puts a lot of faith in the installation team to get it right. That’s why as part of our commitment. We deliver training alongside our products and also offer an onsite repair service from our team of engineers to maximise the results and efficiency of the solution.

Whether you want to upskill a team of engineers or unlock an effective service from the Insituform team, you can rest assured that InsituMain’s CIPP system will deliver optimum results without highly costly and time-consuming repair work.

Find out more about the system and how it works on our website, or you can get in touch for a tailored quote.

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