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Insituform® CIPP Felt: The Key to Long-Lasting Pipe Repairs

When a water pipe becomes damaged and starts leaking, the potential for costly and highly disruptive damage and subsequent repair work can quickly become overwhelming. Local councils, engineers, and communities are all impacted by this kind of extensive damage, which leaves roads and pavements flooded and impacts the water pressure across countless domestic and commercial properties.

When something goes wrong with a water pipe, one of the top priorities is to find a repair solution which is both long-lasting and incredibly durable. This minimises the risk of similar damage happening again for as long as possible.

Insituform’s CIPP felt is a leading solution in the pipe repair and pipe rehabilitation sector. Not only is CIPP a durable and long-lasting repair solution, but it can be installed and activated without extensive groundwork, making it a low-input repair strategy with maximum results.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at CIPP felt as a long-lasting and incredibly durable solution for pipe repair.


What is CIPP Felt?

CIPP felt is a material that has been designed and developed with efficient and long-lasting pipe rehabilitation in mind.

The idea behind CIPP felt liners is to roll out a solution which enables pipes to be repaired remotely and without digging the pipe up for replacement. Instead of leaving it in situ and repairing it for full rehabilitation and reuse.

The liner works by feeding the felt into the damaged pipe. Hot water or steam is then pumped into the pipe, activating the felt and causing the resin which is integrated within the felt to attach to the interior surface of the pipe. As this resin hardens, it forms a new layer within the pipe which is arguably even stronger than the original material.

This felt is, in essence, a way of reinstating the strength and surface of the pipe without digging it up and replacing it – making this a cheaper and less invasive alternative to traditional pipe replacement.


Top 3 Benefits of CIPP felt

From long-lasting results to easy, non-invasive installation, there are several benefits which make CIPP felt liners the market leader in pipe repair. Here are three of the most notable benefits…

  1. CIPP felt is one of the most durable solutions for pipe repair and rehabilitation, with the power to withstand pressure from both inside and outside the pipe. The first Insituform CIPP felt to be effectively repaired using CIPP lining is still going strong today more than 50 years later!
  2. The installation method means that CIPP liners can be fixed in place without digging up the pipe. This cuts the price of pipe repair by a significant amount and minimises the amount of extensive and time-consuming damage to the surrounding area, thus reducing hold-ups and the impact on the local community.
  3. CIPP felt is developed in the most sustainable way possible. With an eye to eco-friendly repair, pipe liners are made from 75% recycled material, with the Insituform team recycling 90% of the waste created during the manufacturing process.


Why choose Insituform for CIPP felt provision and installation?

CIPP felt considered one of the most sustainable and long-term fixes for broken and damaged pipes.


Why Insituform?

Insituform is the original founding company behind innovative CIPP felt. Having first invented the product in 1971, Insituform has remained at the forefront of the industry with regard to pipe rehabilitation. Since its inception, the company has developed a versatile product which delivers efficient results across small millimetre pipes right the way through to vast metre-plus sized sewers.

When you opt for CIPP felt solutions developed and installed by Insituform, you play a role in our commitment to sustainability. We ensure that every pipe is rehabilitated at the highest level possible. We operate a full training scheme to make things easier for engineers and local councillors. We can come out to visit your site and install the pipe liner ourselves or you can have trained engineers do the installation. 

And there you have it,  a breakdown of CIPP felt liners including how they work, what the overriding benefits are, and crucially, why they are considered the best solution for long-lasting pipe repair. 

Get in touch with us to discuss whether CIPP solutions are right for you, and to find out more about supply and installation services from Insituform. 


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