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Innovative Materials, Innovative Solutions: Exploring the Latest in CIPP

CIPP stands for Cured-In Place Pipe and refers to a solution which enables a pipe to be repaired and brought back to life from the outside without digging up or exposing the pipe above ground.

This is the first, and perhaps the most integral example of CIPP’s innovative design, but it is by no means the only thing about the solution which is unique.

CIPP technology uses a specific type of material which is flexible and versatile, integrated with a resin which creates a durable, watertight, and incredibly strong new layer on the inside of any pipe. Fitted to any pipe regardless of its width, size, or diameter, the beauty of a CIPP liner is that it restores an existing pipe to full use rather than needing to be removed and replaced.

Let’s take a closer look at how the design and manufacturing of a CIPP liner makes it such an innovative and effective solution.


What are CIPP liners made from?

CIPP liners are made from a felt liner which is filled with a unique resin. This resin is activated under the presence of hot steam or water, fixing itself to the insides of the pipes in which the felt is fed, thereby creating a brand new layer on the inside of the pipe.

And, by all accounts, this brand new layer is just as effective, if not more so,  than the original structure of the pipe.

The very first pipe which was fixed by Insituform, using their unique and innovative resin-enhanced felt liner, is still operational today, more than 50 years later.

What’s more, the felt itself is made from up to 75% recycled materials to keep the process as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, while the resin is tested under more than 25 quality standard checks to ensure durability and structural integrity.

The environmental benefits of CIPP technology

To put more of a focus then on the environmental benefits of this innovative technology, it’s important to consider not just the use of recycled materials in designing and creating the CIPP felt liners, but also the manufacturing process as a whole.

At Insituform, the desire to optimise environmental credentials means that 90% of the waste produced during the manufacturing process is recycled after. In addition, the very design and installation of CIPP liners means that pipes can be repaired rather than replaced, maximising the lifespan of existing materials and removing the need for mass excavation sites and environmental damage.

These aren’t the only benefits of CIPP and its unique, innovative operational design.


Other notable benefits of innovative CIPP liners

Just some of the other benefits attributed to CIPP liners include the incredible cost savings that come with a no-dig solution, and the fact that valuable resources can be funnelled into other programs and projects.

CIPP is, compared with traditional pipe repair and replacement, non-invasive and efficient, and reinstates the strength of pipes so that they can withstand internal pressure and any external weight. This means that pipes are able to hold water and waste in, while keeping tree roots and other debris out.

Finally, CIPP liners are ideal for minimising disturbance, both in the work schedule of local councils and engineers, and in the daily routines of residents. When a pipe bursts and needs to be replaced via traditional methods, digging up and replacing the pipe can cause huge disruption. Conversely, CIPP liners are fitted with ease and minimal work.

How to make CIPP solutions work for you

Whether you work for a local government, deliver solutions as an engineer, or work with the local council to streamline the management of resources in your area, CIPP solutions save money, time, and energy.

By making the rehabilitation and repair of water and waste pipes so quick and easy for trained engineers,

The emphasis here, however, is on the word ‘trained’. CIPP solutions and trenchless technologies can provide benefits which withstand the test of time and last upwards of 50 years – provided they are installed correctly and efficiently. This means not only installing the pipe liner in the right position but identifying the best end point for the liner and the best method of activating and fixing the resin in place.

Insituform delivers the CIPP liner as a product to install yourself, or as part of an end-to-end service, working with engineers to install the solution and train existing workers.

To find out more about CIPP with access to training. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Insituform directly.

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