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Innovations in CIPP: Emerging Technologies for Pipe Rehabilitation

If you’ve heard the term ‘trenchless technologies’, then the chances are that you are at least marginally involved in the pipe network or drainage systems industry. You could be an engineer, local council worker, or simply an interested resident who is keen to understand how such projects can minimise their impact on the environment.

While trenchless technology has some links with sustainable engineering and more environmentally friendly systems of pipe repair and rehabilitation, there are also some convenience benefits. Not to mention, when we explore and action trenchless solutions, we minimise the impact on communities. 

We’re taking a look at how innovative CIPP pipe liners have become a core part of the discussion around trenchless technology, and how pipe rehabilitation is the answer to sustainable, convenient, and both time and cost-effective repairs.


How do CIPP pipe liners support trenchless technology?

Whenever we talk about emerging technologies, we could picture digital systems and robots completing tasks on our behalf. However, sometimes, an innovative idea or an emerging technology can be something designed to make otherwise disruptive or inconvenient more efficient.

CIPP pipe liners are, to all intents and purposes, remarkably efficient. 

A felt tube, lined with epoxy resin, is fed into a damaged section of pipe and then flooded with hot water or high-pressure steam. The heat from this activates the resin, which attaches itself to the interior wall of the pipe to create a strong and durable new layer.

Once it has cooled down, the ends of the liner are cut off to fit the length of the pipe, which is then reconnected to its system and returned to full operations and function.

All of this occurs without needing to remove or even dig down to directly access the pipe. When we say that CIPP liners are trenchless in their design and technology, we mean they remove the need to excavate and break ground completely.


The benefits of pipe rehabilitation using CIPP solutions

Aside from the fact that CIPP solutions enable pipes to be rehabilitated in record time and without the same level of damage to the surrounding ground as traditional pipe replacement. There are a series of other benefits that make this an industry-leading innovation.

CIPP liners are both efficient in terms of installation and save vast amounts of cost – alleviating the need for costly repair work. This in turn minimises the disruption to the local community so that roads can continue to function as they usually do. This solution gets pipes restored to full working order in record time.

Another benefit of Insituform’s CIPP solution in particular is the compatibility with sustainability goals. Insituform’s CIPP liners are made from 75% recycled materials, with up to 90% of the waste produced during the manufacturing process being recycled.

Other benefits include:

  •    The long-lasting results, which are proven by the fact that the very first pipe to be repaired with Insituform CIPP liners is still fully operational today, more than 50 years later!
  •   The versatility of the solution makes it suitable for main water pipes, sewers, drainage systems, and much more.

The overarching benefit of rehabilitation, as opposed to replacement, minimises the reliance on resources to produce new pipes regularly.


Are CIPP pipe liners the right solution for you?

Regardless of whether you work for the local council or you’re an engineer, you most likely know how destabilising extensive pipe repair work disturbs the local economy and transport system. Digging up roads and paved surfaces to access, remove, and replace damaged pipes takes an incredible amount of time and money, and is incredibly harmful to the environment.

Exploring the benefits of CIPP liners means tapping into the value of innovation, removing the need for vast trenches and excavation projects. Instead, we can deliver repairs without any digging.  Engineers can restore damaged pipes to full strength and regular use using a CIPP lining solution. Engineers can either install the liners themselves or get hands-on support from our engineers at Insituform. 

With the sustainability benefits combined with the efficiency of the solution and the unrivalled durability of CIPP-repaired pipes, it’s safe to conclude that CIPP pipe liners are the best option on the market for damaged pipes.

Get in touch with our team or find out more about this technology and how it works on our website.  

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