Gennaio 12, 2024

CIPP Lining: The Modern Solution to Ageing Sewer Systems

If you’ve landed on this blog, then you may or may not already know that Insituform isn’t just a leading provider of felt pipe linings – we are the original innovator behind the concept.

What’s more, you may or may not already be aware that the very first pipe that we Installed with our CIPP lining system is still running smoothly over 50 years later, and that this initial innovation has developed into a range of solutions which are used by engineers, governments, municipalities around the world.

But how could you know all this unless we tell you?

That’s why we’ve decided to launch this blog; connecting our clients with information on how our solution works, why it represents the past, present and future of ageing sewer systems, and crucially, how to make it work for you.

Without further ado, this first piece comes from our team and is the ultimate guide to our original CIPP pipe lining.

What is CIPP?

Acronyms aside, CIPP refers to a cured-in-place-pipe solution. It enables a broken or damaged pipe to be given a new lease of life by feeding either a synthetic felt, or glass-constructed liner into the tube, running hot water, steam or UV light through it to cure the thermosetting resin, and allowing the renewed pipe to cool.

In its most basic sense, CIPP creates a brand-new pipe within the pipe which facilitates a return to optimal use – without needing to dig up and replace the pipe completely. Considered an innovative alternative to expensive and time-consuming excavation and pipe replacement work, pipeline technology reinstates the structural integrity of existing pipes with ease and convenience.

CIPP is our leading pipe repair solution at Insituform and was the original solution that our own Eric Wood designed back in 1971 – using it to repair a pipe which, incredibly, is still up and running today. With over 50 years of success under our belts, a sustainable manufacturing and installation method, and a multitude of global projects to speak of, it’s hardly surprising that other companies have picked up on and utilised similar methods.

However, Insituform is the original brand behind cured in-pipe solutions, turning a flexible synthetic product into a stable and resistant pipelining for both sewage and water systems of all configurations and sizes.

The benefits of CIPP lining

So, what is it that makes CIPP such a successful development in the industry?

For us, it’s not just about the results (which speak for themselves) but the process through which we get there. CIPP’s pipeline technology enables engineers to quickly and easily repair pipes which are buried deep underground, without requesting costly and time-consuming excavation work. Anyone who has been stuck in the traffic caused by an underground leak or pipe issue will know how damaging such hold-ups can be, and just how far the impact can spread. CIPP is designed to alleviate this pressure, saving time for both the engineers involved and residents and businesses.

Another benefit of CIPP relates to the strength and durability of the lining technology. CIPP solutions enable trained engineers to both contain the flow within the pipes, while also keeping external water, tree roots, and other debris out. With a diameter range from 100mm right up to a vast 2500mm, CIPP is both a reliable and versatile solution which rehabilitates pipes from the inside and can traverse lengthy systems with a multitude of bends.

What’s more, CIPP ticks a range of sustainability boxes – using up to 75% recycled materials and recycling up to 90% of the waste formed during the manufacturing process. This, alongside the efficiency of the solution in practice, means that CIPP minimises the environmental issues caused by sewer overflows and the repair process.

Perhaps more importantly, here at Insituform, we understand that nobody understands our product quite like we do. That’s why we don’t just sell the solution but provide comprehensive training to enable engineering teams around the world to install their own CIPP liners. Alternatively, our team on the ground can visit sites and install CIPP through an increasingly complex network of pipes, facilitating uninterrupted sewage systems again.

How long do CIPP liners last?

Truthfully, there is no exact answer to this question – largely because the very first CIPP liner that was Installed in 1971 is still going strong today! So, the best we can say is that a properly installed CIPP liner can last for a minimum of 50 years – but as of now, the maximum limit does not exist.

While the best results are gained from inviting the Insituform team to install your CIPP pipelining for you (a service we offer around the world), the training we offer can educate engineering teams on the ins and outs of our lining solutions, how it works, and how to install and maintain it to the highest standard.

A guide to the CIPP structural lining method and how it works

CIPP products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility delivering tubes to the exact specifications required by our clients. Suitable for all host pipe materials, able to traverse and negotiate bends, and with the ability to grant damaged pipes complete sealing and protection within minutes of installation, CIPP is our gift to the engineering industry.

The pipelining process starts with one of our CIPP products, which is fed into the host pipe via a pull-in or inversion method, with hot water/ steam or light being circulated throughout the pipe. This causes a reaction in the resin, which is saturated into the product, curing the resin against the surface of the host pipe.

The pipe is then cooled, the liner ends removed to allow a robotic cutter to enter and reinstate all service connections back into full service. Finally, the pipe is returned to its full use.

Who are Insituform?

Now that you know a little more about exactly what it is we’re known and recognised across the industry for, who are we?

Insituform developed CIPP in 1971 as an efficient and affordable way to repair damaged pipes using trenchless technologies – removing the need to dig up urban and rural landscapes to carry out pipeline rehabilitation projects. Since our initial launch, we have continued to develop innovative technology and equipment which makes pipe rehabilitation both sustainable and affordable, connecting contractors, governments, local councils, and engineers with time and cost-saving solutions.

As global leaders in the pipe rehabilitation game, we supply quality products and offer full technical support to the CIPP market, whilst ensuring that every inch of technology created meets industry standards (ISO 9001)

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