Febbraio 14, 2024

Benefits of Innovative CIPP Solutions for Successful Pipe Rehabilitation

With pipe rehabilitation the cheapest and most efficient way of keeping commercial water pipes and underground sewage systems working, it’s no wonder that engineers around the world are turning to innovative CIPP solutions. 

Whether you work for the council, local government, or an engineering firm, CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) is a revolutionary solution for pipe rehabilitation that eliminates the need for digging. This trenchless technology involves inserting a resin-impregnated liner into the existing pipe, which then cures in place to form a new, structurally sound pipe within the original pipe. All under the highest level of health and safety, quality control, and care.

When is pipe rehabilitation necessary – and how do you know if you need it?

When leaks occur or sewage systems become damaged, rehabilitation is necessary to restore the system to good working order. Some of the causes of such damage include:

  • Ageing pipes becoming brittle and cracking under pressure
  • A block in the pipe causing a build-up which damages the integrity
  • Ice and interchangeable weather wreaking havoc with the pipe material

The challenge, however, lies in isolating the issue and then fixing it.

Before the release of innovative CIPP solutions, entire roads and areas of ground had to be dug up to reveal the pipes below. Manual checks could then be performed to isolate and replace the damaged portion of the pipe – meanwhile rendering the surface unusable. And that’s before considering the cost of the work and the time it took to complete.

CIPP solutions were first created in 1971 as a means of repairing a pipe without touching the ground around it. Since the innovative CIPP solution was launched, pipes don’t need to be excavated to be fixed. Instead, pipe liner technology is fed into the pipe before water or steam is flushed through, curing the thermosetting resin and creating a super-strong layer within the original structure of the pipe.

This new technology enables the original pipe to be left in place – cracks and all – with the solution reinstating the stability of the pipe through complex and highly effective rehabilitation. Keep reading to find out more about CIPP and how it works.

What is CIPP and how does it solve the problems caused by damaged pipes?

CIPP is a Cured-In-Place Pipe solution and was first introduced in 1971 by Eric Wood. Now a leading solution in the pipe engineering industry, offered by a multitude of organisations and companies around the world, the original CIPP product belongs to Insituform – the leading innovators in the sector and the owners of the most reliable trenchless technologies.

Our CIPP solutions are not without high accolades and praise from communities and engineers around the world. Our technology is often cited as the leading, most intuitive solution on the market.

If it’s longevity you’re looking for, you need only recognise that the very first CIPP pipe liner that was fitted is still going strong today over half a century later. In addition, the combination of training and hands-on support means that Insituform is committed to ensuring that every liner they provide is not only made to the highest quality but fitted for optimum results.

CIPP works by feeding the pipe liner into the damaged section of the pipe – with a wide array of pipe dimensions available, from 7cm up to 25m. Warm water or steam is then run through the pipe. The warmth activates the thermosetting resin, which attaches to the inner wall of the pipe and solidifies in record time, creating a new layer of durable and waterproof material which reseals the pipe from the inside.

The benefits of innovative CIPP solutions

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners offer a trenchless pipe rehabilitation solution that is both cost-effective and time-efficient for large-scale projects. By understanding how CIPP liners work to reseal damaged or cracked pipes with minimal disruption, it becomes clear why they are the preferred choice for infrastructure maintenance.

Insituform’s CIPP liners are made from up to 75% recycled materials, and we recycle up to 90% of waste generated during manufacturing.

CIPP liners eliminate the need for extensive excavation, minimising damage to the surrounding environment and avoiding the removal of trees or other structures. They also reinforce the existing pipe, strengthening it to withstand the pressure of high-intensity water flow, heavy earth loads, debris, and tree roots.

Quick and easy to install, CIPP liners reduce project downtime and overall costs.

In short, Insituform’s CIPP pipe liners provide a sustainable, trenchless solution for large-scale pipe rehabilitation projects, offering significant cost and time savings while minimising environmental impact and enhancing structural integrity.

How to benefit from CIPP solutions in your local area

There are two ways to benefit from the original CIPP solution in your local area. 

The first is to buy the CIPP product and access the training required to become an expert in pipe rehabilitation for your area. This enables you to work with and fit CIPP pipe liners in water systems with ease, unlocking the endless benefits of a long-lasting solution which reinstates the stability of any pipe in record time.

Alternatively, you can bring in Insituform to fit them directly, with our team able to visit your site and install CIPP pipe liners through a complex network of pipes to ensure that your sewage and water systems are up and running in no time.

Find out more about both of these solutions by browsing our website, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly to learn more about CIPP pipe liners for long-lasting rehabilitation across the globe.

As global leaders in the pipe rehabilitation game, we supply quality products and offer full technical support to the CIPP market, whilst ensuring that every inch of technology created meets industry standards (ISO 9001). Subscribe to our email newsletter to hear about our latest news and announcements. Alternatively, if you want more specific information about any of our expert solutions, get in touch with our team today.

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