juillet 4, 2024

Enhancing Structural Integrity: The Impact of CIPP on Pipe Strength

When it comes to pipe repair, there’s a reason why CIPP solutions are considered the gold standard across the industry. With CIPP standing for Cured-In Place Pipe, the technology is designed to repair the existing pipe rather than replace it with a new one.

This not only underpins the sustainability and environmentally friendly benefits of CIPP as a solution, but also brings to life one very clear benefit. And that’s the idea that CIPP can repair and rehabilitate a pipe without impacting the surrounding infrastructure and its stability.

In this blog, we’re looking specifically at how CIPP promotes and enhances the strength of a pipe – how effective CIPP is, and why the first ever pipe to be repaired using Insituform’s CIPP technology is still fully operational more than 50 years on.


How does CIPP work?

Termed the ultimate trenchless technology, CIPP works by first identifying the damaged section of pipe and then feeding the CIPP felt liner into the pipe from its surface opening. The felt liner is uniquely designed with an integrated resin inside, which can be activated once in place.

When the liner has been fed into the correct section of the pipe, hot water or steam is then flooded into the pipe – activating the felt and releasing the resin. This resin affixes itself to the inside wall of the pipe, cooling and hardening to form a brand new layer throughout the inside of the pipe.

And it’s this creation of a brand new layer inside the pipe which creates that strength that allows the pipe to be restored to full working order in record time. Not only are pipes repaired with CIPP infinitely stronger and hard-wearing, but they achieve this without breaking ground.


Proving the strength of CIPP repair

One of the questions surrounding CIPP liners is the strength of the solution. That is, once the pipe has been repaired using a CIPP solution, how long will that pipe last before it starts to break down again?

Truth be told, it’s hard to put an exact timeline on CIPP-repaired pipelines. Why? Because the very first pipe to be repaired with Insituform’s innovative CIPP felt liner is still in excellent working order today, more than 50 years after its installation.

If you need more proof than that, various case studies exist which highlight the structural integrity of CIPP-repaired pipes, from the outside and the inside. The CIPP repair system is designed to be able to withstand incredible weight from the outside of the pipe, as well as the pressure of constant water flow and movement from within the pipe. This balance highlights the incredible strength of a pipe that has been repaired using the unique felt liners formulated by Insituform.

But strength and structural integrity isn’t the only benefit of CIPP liners.


Other benefits of CIPP liners in pipe repair

There’s a reason why CIPP is termed a ‘trenchless technology’ – and it’s this which underpins the environmental and sustainable benefits of the solution. When you employ CIPP felt liners for pipe repair and rehabilitation, you alleviate the need to dig up the surrounding ground and excavate the pipes – instead feeding the felt liner into the pipe and fixing it from its position. The positive impact this has on the environment and on the local community is huge and is one of the reasons why more councils than ever are seeking CIPP solutions across their drainage and pipe networks.

Another benefit derived from sustainability goals is the use of recycled materials. CIPP liners may be strong, but they are also made from 75% recycled materials – with the waste from each manufacturing round being fed into the creation of the next round of liners.

Finally, CIPP solutions are versatile with the felt designed to effectively repair and rehabilitate pipes which range from small to vast sewage pipes, constructed from all manner of different materials.

If you’ve got a pipe that needs repairing, consider this a sign to explore Cured-In Place Pipe repair solutions rather than replacement. For more information on this, and to read other cases and success stories relating to the strength and stability of pipes repaired using the CIPP felt liner system, get in touch with Insituform or continue browsing our website!

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