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How CIPP Can Save Costs in Long-Term Pipeline Maintenance

CIPP is a pipe rehabilitation solution that removes the need to dig up and replace damaged pipes. Instead, engineers and trained specialists can employ the resin-enhanced felt liners and feed them into the damaged pipe, before activating the resin so that it creates a new layer on the inside of the pipe.

In the face of an emergency callout, be it in a public space or a domestic or private setting, CIPP liners deliver efficient and effective results, but how do they save costs when it comes to long term pipeline maintenance?

In this blog, we’re considering some of the top benefits of CIPP liners and the way these benefits combine immediate results with long term maintenance checks.


Longevity: What is the lifespan of a CIPP- enhanced pipe?

Unarguably the most pertinent benefit of CIPP liners from a maintenance point of view is the longevity of the solution. The fact that once a pipe has been rehabilitated using leading CIPP solutions, its need for ongoing maintenance is minimised.

The very first pipe to be fully repaired using Insituform’s CIPP liner and resin is still operational more than 50 years later. From a maintenance standpoint, there are no downsides to this level of durability. The only issue being that we can’t actually put a lifespan on CIPP enhanced pipes because there hasn’t been a case of a CIPP pipe failing yet!


Infrastructure: Minimise disruption and costly damage

One of the best ways to really understand the benefits of CIPP solutions is to imagine you’re stick in a traffic jam. More often than not, unexpected traffic is caused by repair work, with teams sometimes needing to dig up entire pipes to remove and replace them before a system is back up and running again.

That’s just considering the impact on the roads, not to mention local businesses, residents, and the potential impact that a leak or damaged pipe has on the local water supply and environment.

CIPP pipe liners allow pipes to be fixed more efficiently, with a long term approach to maintenance, all without needing to disrupt the local area and dig up pipes. CIPP liners are installed and activated without excavating the pipe and can minimise disruption which isn’t just invasive but has a financial impact on the local council and businesses that have to pay more to repair damaged pipes.  


Efficiency: How CIPP repairs get you back up and running in no time

A CIPP approach to pipe repair means that pipe networks get back up and running in no time, with minimal downtime during the repair process. This has a positive impact financially from both a short-term and a long-term perspective. 

In the short term, the fact that CIPP liners repair and rehabilitate the pipe so quickly means that businesses are minimally impacted, and roads do not need to be closed for prolonged periods of time. In the long run, these repairs ensure minimal intervention and upkeep, with CIPP-enhanced pipes able to withstand the weight outside the pipe as well as pressure from inside and outside of the structure.


Accessibility: The versatility of CIPP liners in placement and diameter

Finally, CIPP is a flexible and versatile solution which doesn’t just work with small domestic pipes but also in vast waterways and large drainage networks. The broad collection of liners means that these solutions are accessible for countless applications, both above ground and underground or even underwater, making the technology an affordable and accessible solution for all eventualities.


The Cost-Saving Benefits of CIPP Rehabilitation

CIPP liners don’t just save time and energy, they also save money from a funding point of view and in terms of potential disruption on surrounding businesses. By relieving the need to dig up and excavate the surrounding ground, CIPP allows local councils and engineering firms to access a solution which will withstand the test of time and protect the environment.

And that’s all before we consider the 50+ year lifespan of a pipe that has been effectively repaired with CIPP felt, and the fact that pipes repaired using CIPP liners can resist outside pressure and weight, corrosion, leaks, and more.

Discover the benefits of CIPP liners for yourself by getting in touch with Insituform. Our team can offer advice and training or install liners for you as part of our end-to-end service. 

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