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CIPP Sustainability: Eco-Friendly Practices for Greener Pipelines

Every industry is more concerned than ever with sustainability. Terms like ‘green solutions’, ‘eco-friendly practices’, and ‘sustainable operations’ have become standard marketing terms in countless markets – making not just industry leaders but their consumers sit up and look at the environmental impact of what they do and how they work.

We don’t need to tell you that some industries lend themselves to this better than others – and we wouldn’t be surprised if you assume that pipe repair and rehabilitation is less than sustainable in terms of its eco-credentials.

But that’s where you’d be wrong. And it’s all thanks to the development of Insituform’s industry-leading trenchless technology over 50 years ago.


What is Insituform’s CIPP solution?

In 1971, Insituform’s founder developed a solution for pipe rehabilitation which repaired the pipe from the inside out. Not only did this solution plaster over cracks or damage to the structure of the pipe, but it restored the pipe and its surrounding system to full working order in record time – and all without causing extensive damage to the surrounding ground.

Insituform’s innovative CIPP solution works in a simple but effective way.

First the CIPP felt is fed into the damaged pipe. Hot steam or water is then run through the pipe to activate the felt, releasing an integrated resin which affixes itself to the inside of the pipe. This resin quickly cools and hardens, essentially forming a brand new layer which runs the length of the pipe from the inside.

And that’s it! Not only does this solution make engineer’s lives easier, but it offers local councils and communities an efficient and much more convenient solution to both minor and major pipe damage affecting their neighbourhood.

Now let’s look at the sustainability credentials and how CIPP differs from traditional pipe repair.


How is CIPP repair more sustainable than traditional pipe repair?

Traditional pipe repair involves digging up and excavating the damaged pipe – hoping that you’ve identified the right source of the issue – before fitting a replacement section of pipe and recovering the system.

In comparison, CIPP repair is done without major groundwork. By delivering the same (if not better) level of repair, without causing the same surrounding damage, CIPP is infinitely better for the environment and minimises the disruption caused to local residents and businesses. In fact, the first ever CIPP liner to be fitted, more than 50 years ago, is still in excellent working order today. Not only does this prove the longevity of CIPP liners as a pipe repair solution, but it highlights sustainability as the main driving force behind Insituform’s trenchless technology.  

What’s more, CIPP pipe liners are made from 75% recycled material – with all the waste produced during the manufacturing process funnelled into the next batch of CIPP liners. And if that wasn’t enough, engineers that install CIPP felt liners as a pipe repair solution also say that the water that travels through pipes that use CIPP as a repair solution is much cleaner than that compared with traditional repair methods.

What all this tells us is that the sustainability credentials of CIPP liners don’t revolve solely around the installation process – though this does play a major role in the environmental benefits. Insituform’s CIPP solution is a multifaceted technology which preserves the environment around the damaged pipe and restores it to full working order using technology which is recycled, and with results that last.

Embrace a greener future for your local area with CIPP solutions

Whether you are an engineer seeking greener methods or a local council keen to explore alternatives to the disruptive and incredibly damaging process of pipe excavation and replacement, CIPP is more accessible than it has ever been. As the founding company and industry-leading provider of CIPP solutions, Insituform delivers both comprehensive training and full installation support to those in need of sustainable pipe repair solutions.

You can find out more about CIPP training, or get in touch with Insituform to organise pipe repair and rehabilitation using CIPP, via our website.

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