Juli 4, 2024

Top 6 Trends in the Cured-in-Place Pipe Industry

Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) solutions combine innovation with efficiency, delivering a system of pipe repair which prioritises rehabilitation over replacement.

Accessible on both a domestic and commercial scale, with pipe systems that fit anything from a small waste pipe through a vast metres-high drainage network, CIPP was first designed as a way to improve pipe repairs while reducing workload and disruption in the local area.

However, as CIPP has become more widely adopted around the world, other benefits have risen to the forefront of the conversation, fast becoming trends of their own which help to frame and guide the market.


1.     CIPP as a sustainable solution

There are several factors which make CIPP a more sustainable solution when compared with the traditional approach to pipe replacement, some of which become trends of their own.

However, as an overarching concept, CIPP is sustainable in so far as its manufacturing process, the way it protects the surrounding environment, and the efficiency of the process.

  •       CIPP pipe liners are made using up to 75% recycled materials, with around 90% of the produced channelled back into the manufacturing process.
  •       CIPP offers a trenchless alternative which preserves the integrity of the surrounding environment.
  •       CIPP gets pipes and drainage systems back up and working in record time, reducing downtime exponentially.

So, not only do CIPP pipe liners restore pipes to full function, but they do so quickly.


2.     CIPP as a way to repair pipes rather than replace them

As a trend, this one is simple. The rise in sustainability across every industry and market means that businesses and organisations are increasingly looking for ways to embrace green credentials and environmental solutions.

CIPP pipe liners allow pipes to be rehabilitated and repaired rather than replaced, reducing the need to engineer new pipes and giving existing structures a new lease of life. This protects the infrastructure of a building or drainage system, makes the work more affordable, and taps into the environmental benefits of recycling over replacing.  


3.     Trenchless technology

Another trend that we cannot overlook when considering CIPP solutions is the fact that felt liners allow pipes to be repaired and brought back to life without extensive excavation and groundwork. The liner can be fed into the pipe from one end and activated from above ground, all without digging up or even needing to access the main body of the damaged pipe.


4.     CIPP Liners as a long-term solution

If you’ve heard of Insituform before, then you will almost certainly be aware of our history. Insituform is renowned as being the founding company behind CIPP felt liners and pipe rehabilitation, finessing the product which enables pipes to be repaired and restored to full working order efficiently and incredibly effectively.

This reputation is built on the simple fact that the very first pipe to be rehabilitated using a CIPP felt liner is still fully operational today more than 50 years later. Not only does this shine a spotlight on the long-term benefits of CIPP solutions, but it shows why Insituform remains the preferred supplier around the world.


5.     Leading resin, integrated into the flexible felt

As the top supplier of CIPP felt liners, it won’t surprise you to learn that Insituform has developed some of the most versatile solutions for different situations and systems.

Continued advancement in the industry means that not only is the resin increasingly versatile and durable, but it can withstand different conditions and pressures, and has been enhanced to deliver a smoother surface on the renewed layer of pipe. 


6.     Exploring new applications

CIPP solutions and pipe liners have transformed the way we repair and rehabilitate both domestic and commercial pipes, transporting waste away from properties and water into properties and buildings.

One of the greatest trends in the sector right now is the step into new applications. At Insituform, we have developed different products for different uses, taking the same innovation and ingenuity. In addition, CIPP liners are being used for underwater applications and through industrial pipes, changing the way that different industries support and invest in their own infrastructure.


CIPP as a leading innovation in engineering

CIPP liners have made pipe rehabilitation possible across different pipeline situations. Not only do they save time and energy, but they deliver lasting solutions and results within the debilitating impact on surrounding infrastructure.

The aforementioned trends are just six of the ways that CIPP has changed and revolutionised the world’s approach to critical engineering work. Let Insituform take your project to new heights with efficient solutions and comprehensive advice and training for your team. 

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