Juli 4, 2024

The Advancement of Curing Technology in CIPP Lining

CIPP technology is recognised in the engineering industry as one of the leading methods for pipe rehabilitation and repair, using an innovative curing solution which is fed into a pipe and then activated – all without breaking ground.

While the benefits of CIPP technology are something we talk a lot about, many clients come to us with questions about the way the technology works and how it is installed. So, we’ve created this quick guide to introduce some of the details around CIPP lining and curing technology.


What is CIPP technology?

CIPP technology stands for Cured-in-Place Pipe technology and is a solution that sees the structural integrity of a pipe reinstated from the inside out.

While a traditional solution might be to excavate and remove a broken pipe, replacing it with a new one, this technology enables pipes and underground networks to be secured without the need for expensive and time-consuming excavation work. Not only does this save resources, time, and money, but it also protects the surrounding environment and prevents the mass hold-ups caused by extensive ground work.

The way the technology works is fairly simple. A specially crafted felt is fed into a broken or damaged pipe, containing a resin which fixes to the inside of that pipe to form a new layer. The resin is activated by flooding the pipe with hot steam or water, curing in place to form a new layer of pipe.

Hence the name, Cured-in-Place Pipe technology!


How long does it take for CIPP to cure?

Once activated, the resin attaches itself to the inside wall of the pipe within seconds and starts to dry almost instantly.

This means that pipes can be reopened and reinstated to full use very soon after the CIPP felt is inserted and the resin is set in place.


How are CIPP liners installed?

This is where the Insituform design and manufacturing comes into its own, because the variety of different liners are suited to different situations.

iFlex lateral liners, for example, are designed to traverse tight bends and stabilise the connection between a mains pipe and a smaller feeder pipe coming directly from a property.

Meanwhile, the classic CIPP liner is versatile enough to suit any situation, with liners that work from millimetre pipes right up to vast metre-wide pipes.

Insituform is the founding company behind the development of the CIPP liner, with the pioneering technology stemming from a need to create a solution which saved time and money for local engineering companies and councils and or governments. Ever since, it has remained at the forefront of the industry and offers comprehensive training as well as hands-on support for every area or team that needs support with installation.

So, why choose CIPP over one of the more traditional methods?


The benefits of CIPP technology

Now that you know how CIPP technology works, it’s time to talk about the benefits.

CIPP technology replaces pricey and damaging excavation work with a quick but effective fix. Rather than developing a new pipe and using it to replace a damaged pipe that then needs to be disposed of, CIPP liners rehabilitate the pipe that’s already in place.

The CIPP liner and its resin are also exceptionally strong with the resulting layer of pipe able to withstand the pressure of the water or waste inside the pipe, and external weight from outside the pipe.

Finally, it’s not just the results themselves which are environmentally friendly but also the development process of the CIPP lining as a product. Made from 75% recycled materials, the CIPP felt liners are sustainable by design with up to 90% of the waste produced during manufacturing recycled forward.


Is CIPP something you’re interested in?

If you work for a local government, council, or engineering company and want to explore the benefits of CIPP liners from a functional standpoint, then look no further than Insituform.

With comprehensive training opportunities available for installation engineers, we work on residential and commercial sites and properties and can develop and deliver CIPP solutions for all pipe lines and networks.

Get in touch with us directly to learn more.

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