Februar 8, 2024

Exploring Innovative CIPP Solutions for Pipe Rehabilitation

More than 50 years after their original release from founding company Insituform, CIPP liners are still considered innovative.

This is because CIPP liners continue to grant local councils, engineering firms, and contractors a solution which rehabilitates and repairs entire pipe systems and underground networks all without needing to dig them up.

In this article, we are tapping into some of the leading benefits of a solution that emphasises pipe rehabilitation over pipe replacement.

Defining Pipe Rehabilitation

Pipe rehabilitation is the art of repairing a pipe and restoring it to full working order, without needing to replace its structure.

CIPP liners are uniquely designed to not just restore those damaged pipes to full working order but to make them even stronger and more reliable. CIPP liners breathe new life into entire drainage networks minimising the costs for local governments, councils, and specialists. This is done by resealing the pipe from the inside out, using a specially designed resin which can withstand the weight of outside debris and the pressure of waste and water flow inside the pipe.

The benefits of CIPP liners

There are countless reasons why we believe that our original CIPP pipe liners are the best method of pipe repair for the 21st century.

In a world where everything needs to be done quickly, the upheaval involved in isolating, repairing, and even replacing damaged pipes via the traditional method is simply not good enough.

CIPP liners provide a swift alternative which can be conducted without breaking ground, reinstating the strength and stability of a pipe so that it can withstand both inside and outside pressure for years to come.   

Here are just some of the main benefits of using innovative CIPP solutions for pipe rehabilitation.


The sustainability benefits of CIPP liners are ten-fold, not least because the act of rehabilitation, as opposed to replacement, saves a great deal of wastage, but because the CIPP liners themselves are made using eco-friendly manufacturing methods.

The CIPP liners produced by Insituform are made using 75% recycled materials. On top of this.

The amount of waste produced via the alternative method of traditional pipe replacement, both in terms of the pipe itself and the damage created to the surrounding roads and infrastructure which then needs to be replaced and reinstated, is huge.

Cost and time-efficient

When you start to compare pipe rehabilitation with pipe replacement, the decision to go with CIPP liners becomes a no-brainer.

If a pipe bursts it brings the local community, surrounding businesses, and residents to a standstill. There is a need for an efficient solution. Digging up surfaces to identify the damage and replace the pipe takes time. This is incredibly frustrating for everyone whom it affects in the meantime.

Alternatively, being able to feed a pipe liner into the damaged pipe, activate its built-in resin, and reseal the pipe from the inside out. This is all without breaking ground and causing damage to the surrounding infrastructure. Not to mention, it swiftly reinstates your pipe to full use, minimising disruption to residents and businesses.

Long-lasting results

One of the leading benefits of innovative CIPP liners is their lifespan.

The truth, however, is that we can’t exactly put an expiry date on Insituform’s CIPP liners. Why? The first ever pipe liner which was successfully installed is still operating today, more than 50 years after its installation.

It doesn’t get much more reliable than that, with CIPP liners demonstrating how pipe rehabilitation really can be a long-term approach.

Unrivalled training and expertise

Finally, when choosing Insituform to reinstate and rehabilitate the strength of your drainage pipes, we supply the materials and product to you with comprehensive training and guidance on how to optimise installation and ensure a long lifespan for your pipes. 

Insituform provides a timely turnaround, ensuring that your pipes are back up and running in record time. 

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