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iPlus® GLASS UV - thinner tube design for further flow capacity


We have been a pioneer in the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation industry for over 45 years and continue to be a leader in pipeline protection. We have more experience than any other company in the world installing CIPP product. As part of the iPlus® family, iPlus® Glass is reinforced with glass fibre and can be cured using an ultraviolet (UV) method. This trenchless CIPP solution is a jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe. 

Product Benefits

Enhanced Structural Integrity: iPlus® Glass, a glass-fibre reinforced tube, effectively rehabilitates damaged pipes. Compared to standard CIPP, it utilises less resin while delivering superior mechanical properties. Its thinner tube design further boosts flow capacity.

Environmentally Responsible: Employing a pull-in process, iPlus® Glass reduces material waste and minimises jobsite footprint, outperforming traditional CIPP installations. With the option of UV cure, it curtails energy consumption and emits fewer carbon dioxide emissions during installation.

Efficient Installation: The use of UV cure streamlines iPlus® Glass installation, rendering it quieter, faster, and less disruptive. Additionally, the curing process requires less equipment, contributing to a reduced jobsite footprint.

Product Information




Soft bends up to 30ºC

Effluent Temperature:


Is Delivered:

but can be dry

Product Category:


Diameter Range:

150mm to 1,200mm

pH Range:

4 to 10 depending on water temperature and resin used

Host Pipe Material:


Typical Shot Length:

Up to 200m

Note: Also supplied with a reinforced outer foil (iPlus® Glass RF) removing the use of slide foil up to diameter of 400mm.

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