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InsituMain® CIPP Pressure Pipe Lining

CIPP Pressure Pipe Lining

The InsituMain® CIPP system is ideal for force mains and water pipelines up to 96 inches in diameter and can negotiate bends. It’s suitable for the rehabilitation of various host pipes, including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, asbestos cement-reinforced concrete pipe, and thermoplastic. Engineered to restore existing pipelines, it withstands internal pressure and external load requirements while also eliminating leakage and corrosion. 

Installation Process

Step 1:

The composite materials are saturated with a thermosetting epoxy resin system either on the jobsite or in an authorised Insituform wetout facility

Step 2:

Using water or air pressure, the tube is then inserted into the host pipe by either a pull-in or inversion method.

Step 3:

Following installation, hot water or steam is circulated throughout the tube to cure the thermosetting resin.

Step 4:

The pipe is cooled, the ends are cut off and the pipe is returned to service. Lined sections are reestablished to the existing system using standard pipe fittings.

Step 5:

Service connections on the existing host pipe are robotically restored from inside the lined main. Using innovative technology to locate the connections from inside a lined main, a remote operator robotically cuts through the liner at each service opening.

Product Information

Diameter Range:

200mm to 1,500mm

Effluent Temperature:


Internal Pressure Rating:

250+ psi


Yes, up to 45º

Mechanical Properties:

Exceed ASTM F1216
and ASTM F1743

Host Pipe Material:

All materials

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