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Insituform CIPP Felt - the revolutionary product for pipeline repair and rehabilitation

Insituform CIPP Felt

Our original CIPP Felt liner pioneered the industry since its invention in 1971 and changed pipe rehabilitation forever. This versatile product is suited for wastewater pipeline repair, as well as sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and force mains. 

Insituform CIPP contains flow within the pipe while keeping external water and roots out, avoiding the large capital costs of expanding treatment facilities while also minimising the environmental problems caused by sewer overflows. Our CIPP Felt liners are made of 75% recycled material, and we recycle 90% of the waste from the manufacturing process.

Insituform CIPP restores structural integrity to your pipes and extends its lifespan. With single installations from 50 years ago still going strong today, this solution is guaranteed to provide the results you need. Insituform CIPP also provides the least cross-sectional reduction of all methods used to rehabilitate pipes, to improve flow capacity through the smooth, jointless interior of the product. 


At Insituform, we manufacture our CIPP Felt at our manufacturing facilities which are certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by SAI Global. This means we control every step of the process and have the quality systems and processes in place to ensure that our tubes are made to exact specifications.

We select only premium-quality raw materials to manufacture Insituform CIPP. To ensure that each inch of tube meets our specifications for thickness and strength, we carry out more than 25 separate quality checks. These checks, as well as our detailed records, help our experts to ensure that all of our tubes meet our high-quality standards.

Product Information



Can Be Delivered:

Impregnated (Western Europe) or Dry (Worldwide)

Product Category:


Diameter Range:

70mm to 2,500mm

Effluent Temperature:


pH Range:

4 to 10 depending on 
water temperature and use of resin


Yes, up to 90°

(radius 3-5D)

Average Shot Length:

Up to 200m

Host Pipe Material:


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12-20 Brunel Cl, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Wellingborough NN8 6QX

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