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iFlex® Lateral - an easy-to-install solution with high elasticity

iFlex® Lateral

iFlex® Lateral is a cutting-edge solution designed for repairing lateral gravity or internal ‘vertical’ pipelines ranging from 50mm to 250mm in diameter. This innovative product employs the inversion process, where a dry liner and resin are supplied as a comprehensive system. iFlex® Lateral is adaptable to various host pipe materials, making it a versatile choice for pipeline rehabilitation projects.

One of its key advantages is its flexibility in curing methods, allowing for hot-cure, ambient curing, or LED curing, depending on project requirements. This adaptability makes installation straightforward and efficient, even in challenging environments. iFlex® Lateral’s high elasticity ensures it can navigate bends of up to 90° effortlessly, and its unique capability for multiple diameter changes (3D) is particularly valuable in residential areas, where it can seamlessly transition into smaller pipes connected to the mainline.

In addition to its exceptional adaptability and ease of installation, iFlex Lateral offers significant long-term benefits. Its ability to withstand effluent temperatures of up to 65°C, depending on the chosen resin type, ensures durability in various operating conditions.

Insituform’s iFlex® Lateral is a reliable and cost-effective choice for municipalities, utilities, and infrastructure managers seeking a versatile and long-lasting solution for lateral pipeline rehabilitation, ultimately contributing to the overall sustainability and resilience of their water and wastewater systems.

Product Information



Can Be Delivered:

Lateral Gravity/Internal ’vertical’

How It’s Delivered:

Dry liner and resin supplied (sold as a system)

Diameter Range:

50mm to 250mm

Effluent Temperature:

65°C (depending on resin type)

pH Range:

4 to 10 depending on water temperature and use of resin


Yes, up to 90°

Average Shot Length:

Up to 100m

Host Pipe Material:


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