February 10, 2024

CIPP Liner Systems: A Breakthrough in Pipeline Repair and Rehabilitation

CIPP liner systems sound much more complicated than they are. We believe that the innovative solution first introduced to the market in 1971, is straightforward.

In this article, we break down the revolutionary process of pipe rehabilitation, consider how CIPP works, and share some of the benefits of pipes that have been repaired using CIPP liners.

What is CIPP pipe rehabilitation?

CIPP stands for ‘Cured-In-Place Pipe’. The liners are made from a revolutionary pipe with built-in resin that can follow the twists and turns of any pipe before being set in place.

Through the activation and setting of the resin, CIPP pipe rehabilitation is designed to reinstate the strength and security of a pipe. This way it can withstand the weight of debris as well as the pressure of water and waste flow inside the pipe.

In short, pipe rehabilitation means taking steps towards repairing a damaged pipe and returning it to full working order, rather than digging it up to replace it. CIPP pipe rehabilitation is effective, time-saving and practical for local councils, significantly minimising the disruption to the local area.

So, with all that in mind, how does CIPP work as a pipe-lining solution?

What exactly is a CIPP pipe liner and how does it work?

CIPP pipe liners are made from a unique felt material, which is embedded with a high-quality resin at our manufacturing plant.

The material is available in a vast selection of sizes and spanning pipes from a few millimetres to several metres in diameter while retaining the same reliable quality.

The felt material is cut to length and fed into the damaged pipe, followed by a stream of hot water or steam. The heat activates the resin, which is embedded in the felt, securing it to the inside of the pipe and forming a new, extra-strong layer on the inner surface of the pipe. Once set and allowed to cool, this new layer restores the pipe to its full function in record time. The process is done without breaking ground or even exposing the pipe from its underground position.

What is the life expectancy of a pipe repaired using a CIPP liner?

There is no way for us to confirm the lifespan or life expectancy of a pipe that has been repaired using CIPP liner. However, the very first pipe to be rehabilitated effectively is still going strong today! That was over 50 years ago, proving that CIPP liners can last for upwards of 50 years carrying your pipes, drainage networks, waste and sewer systems well into the next generation.

Why CIPP is seen as a revolutionary breakthrough

As the original inventor of CIPP solutions, we are strong advocates for the revolutionary benefits of CIPP.

In the world of pipe repair and replacement, this solution enables engineers to reinstate the strength of a pipe without digging or directly accessing the pipe. Even now, with several suppliers offering their take on the leading CIPP product, the combination of training and expertise that we offer at Insituform is unrivalled and ensures that all our clients and customers can unlock the 50+ year lifespan and the convenience of CIPP across both small and vast pipe networks.

CIPP is a revolutionary breakthrough in so far as it makes efficient pipe repair and rehabilitation both more sustainable and more accessible. All Insituform felt liners are made with 75% recycled materials, while our manufacturers seek to recycle at least 90% of the waste produced during the manufacturing process.

This, combined with the long lifespan of a CIPP repaired pipe, and the ease with which pipe liners can be used to rehabilitate pipes, makes this the leading solution for local councils and engineers. 

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