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The pioneers of CIPP Solutions with over 50 years of experience

Insituform UK revolutionised the industry in 1971 with the invention of cured-in-place-pipe rehabilitation solutions. Since then, we’ve become the number-one manufacturer of premium, affordable and technologically advanced CIPP liner systems for various installation projects. 

About Us

Our manufacturing process of CIPP solutions for the rehabilitation of ageing or failing pipelines is one of precision, high quality, and care. We supply quality products and offer technical support to the CIPP market, whilst ensuring that every inch of technology created meets industry standards (ISO 9001).

1 MILLION metres of CIPP

lining created every year on average.

28 Quality control CHECKS

for every single CIPP liner.

0% Staff turnover

except for retirement! Our success is built on our people.

75% Recycled

material within our flagship products.

Our Revolutionary Solutions

With the needs for each project varying depending on location, type of pipe and time restraints, we have curated a catalogue of bespoke solutions which are guaranteed to reduce costs, time and efforts needed during execution. Browse our product portfolio to find the most suitable solution for your needs, and restore the working function of your pipeline. 



Pressure PIPE




Glass UV



Coming Soon

Our History

Insituform was established in 1971 when Eric Wood invented CIPP lining. Today, the pipe rehabilitation world functions with ease thanks to the revolutionary process, and we have hit many milestones along the way.

Who we
work with

Over the years we have continued to work closely with government officials, engineering officers, distributors and contractors. We provide expert advice, solutions and training to ensure every person involved in the rehabilitation of a pipe is aligned.


Learn from the very best in the industry. With Insituform training, you and every member of your team will know the benefits of CIPP solutions and be prepared for any installation. 

Our Projects

Our reach is worldwide, but our commitment is to local communities. We’ve provided technology for installation projects all over the globe with the mission of ensuring pipes are stable and functioning for society.

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