Materials and Structure

iPlus® Composite is reinforced with carbon fiber and/or corrosion resistant fiberglass materials. Only fibers that are resistant to the corrosive materials in sewer pipelines are used. Carbon and Advantex™ fiberglass materials have excellent chemical resistance to materials found in sewers and exceed all of the trenchless ASTM industry corrosion requirements.


The iPlus® Composite laminate design theory optimally utilizes the structural reinforcing materials, reducing the CIPP wall thickness by about half. As with other CIPP products, the applied pipe loads are calculated according to the trenchless technology industry accepted standards, such as ASTM F1216.


iPlus® Composite is manufactured with a polypropylene coating on the inside pipe surface. This elastomeric flow surface coating increases the composite pipe’s smoothness, reduces the surface friction and provides an additional corrosion barrier for the sewer pipeline.


CIPP Tube Manufacturing


The iPlus® Composite tube for sewer pipe lining is assembled in an Insituform ISO-certified manufacturing facilities using the same manufacturing processes and equipment used to construct traditional Insituform® CIPP products. This ensures the tubes are made with the same attention to detail and high standards of quality our customers have come to expect from decades of conventional CIPP tube manufacturing.


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