composite CIPP

CIPP Rehabilitation for Wastewater

Insituform's expanded capabilities enable us to protect a wide variety of structures and pipelines from corrosion, restore structural integrity, reduce infiltration, eliminate leaking joints, improve water quality and increase pipeline flow capacity. We offer a variety of solutions for renewing wastewater and stormwater pipelines and water distribution and transmission mains. 

Our solutions have the ability to go where some dig and replace methods can't.  In fact, we have renewed pipelines beneath interstates, bridges, busy roadways, airports and military installations without disrupting traffic.

Our solutions are also quick to install and our CIPP manufacturing capabilities are certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and enable us to design CIPP tubes that meet each project's specifications -- and to track each tube from start to finish.  In addition, our regional distribution system helps keep transportation costs to a minimum.

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