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Tite Liner®

Much of the world’s drinking water pipeline infrastructure is long past its design life and in need of repair. Complete replacement of these pipes using conventional dig and replace solutions can be time consuming and very disruptive to traffic, citizens and the environment. These problems can easily be avoided by choosing Tite Liner® – the non-disruptive, thermoplastic lining solution for pipe rehabilitation.

Tite Liner® systems are ideal for your pressurized pipe system:
• Normal diameter ranges from 4 inches to 48 inches
• Produces a continuous, tight-fitting structural or interactive solution
• Pressure rating up to 150+ psi
• Rapid installation
• Drinking water approved
• Negotiates sweeping bends 
• Utilizes high-performance PE 100 (4710)
• Minimizes disruption

The polyethylene liner isolates the flow stream from the host pipe wall, eliminating internal corrosion.  Inserted into a new or existing pipeline by our proprietary installation processes, the polyethylene liner is continuous and results in a close-fit against the inner wall of the host pipe. Unlike other pipe rehabilitation methods which produce larger annular spaces between the liner and host pipe, our solutions typically do not reduce flow capacity.


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