CIPP project layout

iPlus Infusion®

Insituform's small diameter cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solution features enhancements to manufacturing and installation allowing us to deliver higher value, better quality and less disruption.

iPlus Infusion® is a seamless, jointless, pipe-within-a-pipe that can be used to rehabilitate deteriorating sanitary and storm sewers without digging or disruption. The product consistently meets or exceeds the physical properties set forth in ASTM D1743.

iPlus Infusion® CIPP: Manufacturing and Installation

All iPlus Infusion® tubes are produced at Insituform's own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant. A robust pull-in method is used to install the tube into the host pipe, reducing the stress on the tube. It can be installed in pipelines from 6- to 12-inches in diameter and in lengths up to 750 feet.

A low-pressure steam is used to cure the iPlus Infusion® tube. The steam cure allows us to reduce energy and water use during installation and virtually eliminates the discharge of process water into the sewer system.

The iPlus Infusion® installation process has the smallest possible jobsite footprint and the shortest installation cycle of any of the Insituform® CIPP processes.

iPlus Infusion® CIPP: Environmental Benefits

CIPP is inherently environmentally friendly, but we have raised the bar by applying green engineering concepts to the design of iPlus Infusion®. An enhanced wet out (or resin impregnation process) helps us reduce waste. Using steam instead of water to cure the resin significantly reduces energy use. Less equipment on the jobsite translates into less energy usage and less emissions.

Insituform set out to enhance its proven CIPP process to ensure quality, shorten the installation cycle, reduce waste and conserve energy. These efforts have resulted in a system that is less disruptive to citizens, better for the environment and a better value for our customers.

iPlus Infusion® addresses your top concerns:

Infiltration Reduction

Water entering your sewer system through cracks, holes or joint failures can significantly tax your treatment facilities, especially during wet weather. iPlus Infusion® can significantly reduce this infiltration and leakage from your system.

Structural Integrity

iPlus Infusion® restores structural integrity to your damaged sewer pipe. Proactively maintaining the integrity of your pipes can help you avoid the high costs and negative publicity associated with emergency repairs.

Increased Flow Capacity

The smooth, jointless interior of our iPlus Infusion® CIPP improves flow capacity, despite the cross-sectional reduction. There are no joints or seams that separate over time.

iPlus Infusion® Features

  • Steam cure results in less water use, virtually eliminating the discharge of process water into sewers.
  • Shorter installation cycle produces less disruption and minimizes service outages.
  • Coating on both sides of the CIPP tube provides protection during installation and ensures a high quality end product.
  • Reduced equipment requirements result in a quieter, less disruptive job site and minimal traffic disruption.
  • Robust pull-in installation process reduces stress on the tube.
  • Pressurized wet out fully saturates tube providing optimal physical characteristics.
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