glass fiber reinforced CIPP UV

UV Cure

Insituform has been a pioneer in the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation industry for over 45 years and continues to be a leader in pipeline protection. Insituform has more experience than any other company in the world installing CIPP. As part of the iPlus® family, iPlus® Glass is reinforced with glass fiber and can be cured using ultraviolet (UV) method. 

This trenchless CIPP solution is a jointless, seamless, pipe-within-a-pipe. It can be used to rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from 6 inches (150mm) to 48 inches (1200mm). This product is available for delivery and installation worldwide.

iPlus® Glass provides the following benefits:

Structural integrity: iPlus® Glass is a glass-fiber reinforced tube that rehabilitates damaged pipes. When compared to standard CIPP, iPlus® Glass requires less resin, provides higher mechanical properties and is a thinner tube which increases flow capacity.

Environmentally safe: iPlus® Glass is a pull-in process. As a result, there is less material waste and the jobsite footprint is typically smaller than a traditional CIPP installation. iPlus® Glass can be cured using a UV cure process which reduces energy and emits less carbon dioxide during installation.

Convenient installation: When using the UV cure process, the iPlus® Glass installation is typically quieter, faster and less disruptive. In addition, the cure installation requires less equipment than a standard CIPP installation, which results in a smaller jobsite footprint.

Other benefits:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Minimal traffic disruption
  • Manufactured at Insituform ISO 9001:2008 standard certified facility
  • Wet out at Insituform facilities
  • Higher mechanical properties
  • Thinner laminate


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