Design Example

By combining innovative engineering technology with superior materials, Insituform provides a fully structural pipeline rehabilitation product with about half the wall thickness of conventional CIPP offerings.


iPlus® Composite Design Example*

Host pipe diameter (in)   48
Host pipe ovality (%)   5
 External head of water above invert (ft)  17
 Soil depth above invert (ft)  25
 Soil modulus (psi)  1000
 Soil density (lb/ft^3)  120
 ASSHTO live load (lbs)  16,000
 Safety factor  2
 Design method  ASTM F1216


 Design Values  Standard Insituform® CIPP   iPlus® Composite
 Flexural modulus (psi)  400,000  850,000
 Flexural strength (psi)**  4,500  4,500
 Wall thickness (mm)  28.5  18.5


*Data is provided as an example of the possible physical properties of iPlus® Composite. Actual results may vary depending on design and project specifications.

**Minimum flexural strength for iPlus® Composite.