CIPP sewer


A pioneer in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology, Insituform has installed over 25,000 miles of CIPP worldwide. The Insituform® CIPP process is suited for wastewater pipeline repair and can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers, storm sewers and force mains. Insituform® CIPP, or InsituPipe®, is a jointless pipe-within-a-pipe with the capability to rehabilitate pipelines ranging in diameter from 6 to 96 inches and to negotiate bends.

Insituform® CIPP addresses your top concerns:

Infiltration reduction

Water entering your wastewater system through holes, breaks and joint failures can significantly tax your treatment facilities, especially during storm events. Insituform® CIPP can significantly reduce this infiltration and eliminate leakage from your system. In dry climates, tree and plant roots find the sewer system an attractive source of water and nutrients. Entering through pipe defects, roots create blockages and overflows. Insituform® CIPP contains your flow within the pipe while keeping external water and roots out. We can help you avoid the large capital cost of expanding treatment facilities and the environmental problems caused by sewer overflows.

Structural integrity

Insituform® CIPP restores structural integrity to your damaged sewer pipes. The design models used, independent test results and over 40 years of service all confirm that Insituform® CIPP is a structural product with a 100-year design life.

Increased flow capacity

Insituform® CIPP provides the least cross-sectional reduction of all methods used to rehabilitate pipes. Despite the cross-sectional reduction, the smooth, jointless interior of our product typically improves flow capacity. There are no joints that can separate over time. The smooth interior also provides excellent abrasion resistance.


The Insituform® CIPP process is typically less expensive than conventional methods of sewer repair, even for everyday problems. When you consider the lost business revenues, traffic congestion and social costs associated with other methods, your savings are immeasurable.

Installation flexibility

Insituform offers flexibility in both the method of installation and the cure process. Insituform® CIPP, known commercially as InsituTube®, can be pulled into place or inverted with either air or water. The cure can be done with steam or hot water. All processes are consistent with nationally recognized standards and Insituform’s own ISO-certified quality control program. Since each job is unique, we can apply the most cost-effective, technically optimal solution to solve your pipeline rehabilitation problem.

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