drinking water CIPP

Installation Method

The InsituMain® System is a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) pipe product with a non-disruptive installation process.

Step 1:

The composite materials are saturated with a thermosetting epoxy resin system either on the jobsite or in an authorized Insituform wetout facility.

Step 2:

Using water or air pressure, the tube is then inserted into the host pipe by either a pull-in or inversion method.

Step 3:

Following installation, hot water or steam is circulated throughout the tube to cure the thermosetting resin.

Step 4:

The pipe is cooled, the ends are cut off, and the pipe is returned to service. Lined sections are re-established to the existing system using standard pipe fittings.

Robotically Restore Service Connections

Service connections on the existing host pipe can be reinstated robotically from inside the lined main.  Using innovative technology to locate the connections from inside a lined main, a remote operator robotically cuts through the liner at each service opening.

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