Schuylkill River Crossing Case Study

This project was featured as an Honorable Mention for Trenchless Technology Magazine's Rehabilitation Project of the Year.

In Spring of 2014, the City of Reading, Pennsylvania needed to upgrade the capacity of 42-inch force main running beneath the Schuylkill River. Working with Entech Engineers, the city devised a solution with a multi-faceted approach.

CIPP under riverFirst, PACT Construction would construct a new 42-inch pipeline beneath the river using the HDD method. This new pipeline would serve as the new main line. Then, the length of the existing 400-ft. steel pipe force main would be rehabilitated using two separate methods and serve as a standby tie-in to the system.

The pipe required two separate methods due to two 45° bends in the system. The straight portion of the pipeline was rehabilitated using Insituform’s InsituMain® system. InsituMain® is a fiber-reinforced cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner for pressurized piping systems.

The bends were rehabilitated by Fibrwrap® Construction using the Tyfo® product. The Tyfo® system uses a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) to provide added structural strength to a variety of infrastructure, including buildings, bridges and pipelines. 

The combination of multiple applications, including HDD, fiber-reinforced CIPP, and FRP provided a structural solution to existing pipeline, and basically doubled the capacity of the system as a whole.

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