culvert CIPP

MTQ Rehabilitates Highway Culverts

In November 2010, the Ministry of Transportation of Québec (MTQ) updated four aging culverts running underneath Highway 640 in Boisbriand, Québec using Insituform's cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) process. The corrugated metal stormwater culverts were severely deteriorated and in need of intensive repairs.

The four culverts consisted of two 36-inch culverts at a length of over 160 feet, and two 48-inch culverts running 260 feet each. The work was done directly off the side of the highway and on the shoulder of an outer road so as not to impede highway traffic. Each installation was achieved using an air-inversion steam-cure process. This process cuts down on the amount of energy and water needed on the installation job site.

For each culvert rehabilitation, the crew was able to set up, install and cure the CIPP, conduct final CCTV inspection and demo the job site in a single day.

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